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Chhattisgarh : Wife pushed constable husband from roof, died during treatment


Chhattisgarh, Police constable died while undergoing treatment, after his wife Kirti pushed him from roof. Police got success in this case after a six month long investigation.

A complaint was filed in January 2020 at Khamtarai police station by the father of the deceased Kamal Baghel. The deceased Kamal Baghel told his father during treatment that his wife Kirti Banjare pushed him off the roof at 4:00 am on January 24, 2020, father reported in complaint.

Constable Kamal Baghel aged 32 years, was living at Urkura with his wife and their two children. In the case, wife Kirti Banjare was not telling the truth and was misleading the police, and she was telling this a suicide.

Later after a intensive investigation, police succeeded in finding out the truth after 6 month of investigation. The investigation also revealed that the wife had registered a case of dowry harassment under Section 294, 323, 506, 498A of the IPC in Crime No. 682/19 against the deceased husband about one month before the incident.

The investigation also revealed that Kirti often quarrel with her husband and during the fight on 21 January, Kirti pushed her husband off the roof. Postmortem report revealed injuries to his throat and stomach.

Police has filed a FIR against Kirti under IPC sections 302 and 201 in Crime No. 274/20, for not giving the correct information of the incident and being found guilty of committing the crime. The Police has arrested Kirti and produced in the court on judicial remand.

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