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Saddened by the increasing trend of registering rape cases against relatives of husband in matrimonial dispute: Delhi High Court


The Delhi High Court has said that it is sad to see the increasing trend of filing rape complaints against male relatives of the husband’s family in matrimonial disputes. In the present case, a woman had accused her father-in-law of raping her due to a marital dispute.

According to the information, Justice Subramaniam Prasad, hearing a petition to quash an FIR registered after a matrimonial dispute, said that the complaint was filed against father-in-law, brother-in-law or any other male member only to put pressure on the husband’s family. Is performed.

This Court is aggrieved that in matrimonial matters there is an increasing trend to register such complaints against father-in-law, brother-in-law or any other male member of the family for an offense under section 376 of IPC. The court said in its order that this is done only to put pressure on the husband’s family.

In the present case, due to marital dispute, the wife had alleged that her father-in-law raped her. When the court was hearing the petition of the husband and other family members to quash the FIR, the woman told the court that she had settled all her matrimonial disputes of her own free will without any coercion or coercion. Now she does not want to pursue the matter any further.

The judge said that even though there was an allegation of rape against the father-in-law, no useful purpose would be served by continuing the present proceedings.

The High Court observed that both the parties have reached an agreement which includes payment of Rs 65 lakh to the wife for full and final settlement of all her claims, and that all disputes be settled before the Delhi High Court Arbitration and Conciliation Centre. and the marriage is dissolved.

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