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Sonipat: Women gang trapped a man in sextorion net who went for daughter’s marriage


A woman gang hostages a man who went there for daughter’s marriage, by locking him with another women in a room the man, and threatened to implicate him in false cases.

Haryana Police has busted a women gang from Pinana village in Sonipat district, who were allegedly involved in a sextortion racket. The Police have also arrested three women involved in the racket of extortion by honey trap.

In the matter, on the invitation from the said woman, the man Vikram went to Pinana for matters related to marriage. The woman later locked the man with another woman in a room and threatened to implicate him in false cases. After this the woman demanded two lakh rupees to release him from her trap.

Then Vikram called his daughter’s father-in-law Rajkaran and asked for the money that the women’s gang had demanded. Victim Vikram was calling Rajkaran repeatedly. Initially he was not telling anyhing about the incident, but lastly he told the incident that happened to him. He told to Rajkaran that, a woman will be waiting for the money with his mobile near by the school at Bidhal village.

Rajkaran went there with some other people and caught the woman Manju and informed the police about the incident.

Manju revealed that, Suman and Hasina of village Pinana has kidnapped victim Vikram. Based on the information, police rescued VIkram and arrested all the three accused. The police is further investigating in the matter.

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