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Shabnam seeking relief from death penalty citing women rights, Governor forwarded her plea to UP Govt


Recently Vishnu Tiwari who spent 20 years in jail for the crime he never committed, but this news is just opposite where a woman has killed 7 in family might get relief from death penalty citing women rights.

Accused Shabnam mercilessly killed 7 members in the family with the help of lover for marriage. She was awarded death sentence but it is now taking a surprising turn by citing women rights and after intervention of Governor Anandiben Patel.

The Governor’s Secretariat has been forwarded the matter to the Principal Secretary of the Prisons Department of the UP Government to take the appropriate action.

Ground for appeal before the Governor

Advocate Sahar Naqvi has shouted relief for Shabnam in the plea to the Governor has said that it will tarnish India image worldwide if she given death penalty. It is also stated that, no woman has been hanged in the country so far. This is also argued that, it will affect her 13 years old son future.

The Case

The accused Shabnam with the help of her lover Salim, she brutally killed Seven members in the family. After the brutal murder she tried to escape but police finally revealed it. On this the court awarded death penalty to both.

“Learned counsel Sahar Naqvi for Shabnam, claims that she only wants to save Shabnam from the gallows as she is a woman and also in view of the future of Shabnam’s child”, as published by Zee News

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