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Reliance JIO DGM shoots himself due to dispute with wife


Abhishek Shukla (39) who was working in JIO as DGM has committed suicide in family dispute.

Abhishek committed suicide by shooting himself due to dispute with his wife. One of his close friends had informed the police regarding all of this situation. As per the police statement, Abhishek dead body was found in the dining room. He was sitting on a chair, and his head turned down towards the back.

Police found the licensed gun on the floor and got the fingerprints of him only. The police also come to know that he was also related to the BJP party. Police took the gun in their custody to investigate further. 

The police has also found a suicide note from Abhishek’s phone which he had sent to his mother. In the suicidal note, he had written regarding conflicts with his wife. He has has made his wife (Kumud) responsible for the incident in his suicide note. Police verified that suicidal note handwriting matches with Abhishek’s handwriting. After the incident, Abhishek’s father has filed a complaint against KUMUD, SHUBAM, BILLU and SUGANDH SRIVASTAV. 

In the apartment, Abhishek and his family was staying at Nandini enclave 501. After investigation it came in front that Pawan Pandey went to Abhishek’s house at late night. Both of them had conversation regarding disputes and all. As Pawan stated that Abhishek had problem with smell of cigarette so he went to other room for having sleep. Pawan was sleeping due to that he haven’t heard the sound of bullet. On morning when Abhishek’s aunt son called Pawan to ask why Abhishek is not picking the phone, then he got to know that Abhishek is no more.

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