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Indore: Wife ran away with autorickshaw driver with Rs 47 lakh


An unusual incident has come up from Indore, Madhya Pradesh where the wife of a millionaire’s man, ran away with an autorickshaw driver who was 13 years younger than her.

As adultery in no more a crime, which is resulting into growing incident of escaping women with her lover, and also has impacted the concept of family tradition.

This incident going viral is being told of the Khajrana area. The incident came to light when the woman’s husband complained to the police station. During this, he said that – 47 lakh rupees have been stolen from the house by his wife.

According to the information, the autorickshaw driver often used to drop and pick up the woman at her house. Now his wife has been missing since October 13.

Now since the woman’s husband has lodged the matter in the police station, since then the Indore Police is investigating the matter and searching the woman, as well as the driver. The Indori police had recovered Rs 33 lakh from the house of a friend of the auto driver. However, the woman and the rickshaw driver have not been arrested yet.

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