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Delhi Police constable cracks civil services exam 2019, to join as ACP


There is a saying, ‘Men will be men’. An example of it is seen by a police constable who is serving as PCR unit in Delhi. Alam, the son of scrap dealer from Pilkhuwa town in Utter Pradesh has secured his dream job of being an officer by cracking UPSC exam.

A Delhi police constable has secured 646 rank in his sixth attempt in the Civil Services Examination, 2019.

While being in job, Delhi Police constable Firoz Alam rigorous effort and dedication made him to secure civil services exam in 2019, in his sixth attempt, securing 646 rank. Currently he is under training in Delhi and will be joining as ACP in March next year.

Alam says, it was his dream to join the force but as an officer, which has now come true. It is not surprising for him as he never wasted of his single minute that he got throughout his life. His journey has been full of hard work and strong self determination. Throughout his 10 years journey with the Delhi police as constable had been full of challenges and every moment was a lesson for him.


Firoj Alam said that, “After joining the Delhi Police in 2010, I was very impressed with the way my senior officers functioned and their status. Seeing them, I had decided that I too had to become an officer, and the only way for this was UPSC.”

It was not easy for him to crack, he could not secure in his last 5 attempts but in his 6th and last chance he finally secured the way for becoming ACP.

The journey of Feroj from a constable to ACP, is an inspiration for the aspirants and has also proved one again that effort determines the future.

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