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Delhi: Lieutenant Colonel reported domestic violence with him by his wife for refusing to buy her a luxurious Car


When we talk about ‘gender jsutice’, male domestic abuse is not taken seriously, however the NCRB data states more than 70 percent acquittal in ‘crime against men’ cases. So a male is just not facing domestic voilence but he is also made victim of misuse of process of law. ‘Men Too suffer’.

Delhi, In the matter, a lieutenant colonel has reported domestic violence with him by his wife. The wife assaulted the lieutenant colonel because he refused to buy her an expensive luxurious car. The husband (lieutenant colonel), has reported the incident at Delhi Cantonment police station.

It happened on February 12 at their home. The couple had been married for 16 years.

The wife had argued with the husband over purchasing a new luxurious car. The husband reported that he had not been in a position to buy the car but he promised to give his wife Rs 10 lakh. The wife R Mahajan, then throw books at the husband Lt-Col Ramandeep Singh, and then she attacked her husband with a golf stick which was kept in the room, he also tried to protect himself but the wife ended up slapping him.

“When she hit me with a golf stick lying in the room, I tried to protect my head with my right hand. Luckily, because of this evasive action I did not sustain any injury on my head,” Singh claimed as published by The Pioneer.

The wife then left their home with the children. The lieutenant colonel went to the hospital where he was diagnosed of having a fractured metacarpal on the right hand.

“Then she left the house with the children in a fit of rage. Later I drove myself to the hospital where the doctors diagnosed that I had suffered a metacarpal fracture on my right hand. A medico-legal case was registered by the Army Base Hospital authorities,” Lt-Col Singh stated in his FIR.

According to the Lt-Col Singh that his wife is threatening him to implicate in false cases.

“Till date my wife, who left for her parental home in Punjab, has not returned and she is threatening me with dire consequences and false implication in a case,” stated Singh.

May 6, The Police has registered a case against the wife Mahajan, under Section 325 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC).

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