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Parents Died in Accident, Child Under Care of Cancer Patient Grandfather- Will Govt Support Child

A Three year old child survived miraculously in the fatal accident but sadly his parents and grandmother died.

Family is worried about who will nurture and care the child and how the child will grow without parents.

Now the child will grow without parents and it is expected to be care by extended family, so in this situation a question arises whether the Government should establish a system who can visit and monitor the child in a cyclic format in order to ensure overall development of such children.

The child was given to Grandfather after rescuing and the medical examination of internal and external injuries. Doctors rule out any sign of injury and handed over to family, currently he is being cared by his Grandfather and Aunt.

The incident took place around 12.35 am at Rohini near the ESI Hospital on Wednesday when the family was returning from a wedding at Gurgaon.

Witnesses said that, a dumper loaded with sand skipped at U-Turn due to sudden break applied by the dumper driver and the it smashed the Audi car. In the car there were four family member including the three year old kid.

Sumit and Rushi Accident

Sumit Singhal 29 was driving the car while his wife Ruchi Singhal, 27, the three year old son and 65 year old Sumit’s mother Reeta Singhal were also in the car.

After the accident the child was crying and then after some time he lost the consciousness, said the witnesses.

Witnesses said that they heard boy cry and it was a miracle to alive in such a accident. Everyone at the accident spot Cheered loudly when the child rescued by “Fire Department” and “Disaster Management” teams.

Sumit’s father owns pulse business at Narela, he curiously called the family at 1 am that family not came home till late, and then at 3 am he was informed about the accident by the police.

Before the incident, the family were looking to fix the marriage of Sumit’s sister and the in the week time it was about to be fixed.

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