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Actor Arvind Trivedi dies at 82 of heart failure, performed Ravan’s role in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, PM Modi said “exceptional actor”


The famous actor Arvind Trivedi passes away at 82 of heart failure. The Veteran actor had been unwell for some time and was unable to walk. As soon as the shocking news spread nationwide, there was pour of heartfelt condolences from actors to politicians.

Actor Arvind Trivedi is best known for his performance as Ravan in Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan. The late actor was passionate about public service and a devotee of Lord Ram. He took his last breathe on Tuesday night around 10 pm at his residence in suburban Kandivali.

“It took him five hours to get ready. He used to fast during the shoot, would do Ram’s aartis. Before the filming would begin, he would do a lot of pujas, even ask for forgiveness for all the evil things he would have to say to Lord Ram during filming”, according to the actor’s nephew Kaustubh Trivedi, Indiatimes published.

He believed that the role of Ravan came as an blessing, and as a result he did over 250 Hindi and Gujarati films.

Soon after his demise Prime minister Modi also took to twitter and said him an “exceptional actor” and also about his passion for public service.

We have lost Shri Arvind Trivedi, who was not only an exceptional actor but also was passionate about public service. For generations of Indians, he will be remembered for his work in the Ramayan TV serial. Condolences to the families and admirers of both actors. Om Shanti.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, October 6, 2021

The actor’s co-stars in Ramayan Sunil Lahiri who played Lakshman in teh series said that, he lost a father figure.

“I was shocked when I got to know about his death. I got up a little late today. By the time I called, they said that the last rites were happening. I couldn’t even see him for the last time. I felt very sad about it. I had spoken to him 10-12 days ago. He was a little low. He has left a void in me”

Arun Govil said, who played the role Ram in the series, Indiatoday published

Apart from Ramayana, Trivedi also played role in Vikram aur Betaal which won hearts of many children. He performed equally in Hindi and Gujrati films that consists of over 300 films in multiple genre.

He will be remembered and it would be very hard to find a veteran like him. Our team prays to the Supreme God to give the Ram bhakt at the divine feet.

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