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Major who had caught Two terrorists alive and adopted a martyr family, broken due to domestic violence


The video of Major Deepak Dhawan the Deputy Director of Sainik Welfare Board Solan has gone viral on social media. In his video, he is crying bitterly, describing himself as a victim of domestic violence and pleading for help from PM Modi.

Major told that he has been troubled by his wife and in-laws for a long time, many times he was harassed by his in-laws despite he helped them financially many times. He broken down specifically when his wife filed a case at “Crime against Women cell” after a 12 years of marriage.

He has appealed to PM Modi through video and said that listen to the pain of a soldier and ensure justice. He also demanded law to protect men from harassment.

Major Deepak Dhawan, who had caught two terrorists alive in the year 2010 and 2012. He has also adopted a family of a martyr from Sirmour and bearing all their expenses. Major Deepak was dedicated to serving the country at the age of 17 and after 21 years of service, joined the Sainik Welfare Board at Solan as a deputy director.

Major Deepak Dhawan shared his pain through a video from Facebook on the February 7 evening. In the video, he seen crying and describing how he is going through troubles life nowadays. He also spoken how he tried to kill himself by succumbing to troubles, but luck saved him. Major Deepak, who never felt so low and always stood for Nation Safety, his video went viral because it was also hurting audience who hear his pain.

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