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Kolkata : Husband brutally harassed by wife, recorded in camera


In a shocking video, wife is seen brutally harassing her husband and abusing husband’s parents. The man said, he is facing brutal domestic violence for years.

It is a common say that “मर्द को दर्द नहीं होता”, but there are many Mens Rights Activist (MRA), who are constantly reporting domestic abuse with male. Even a non-governmental organization has published reports of increasing domestic violence with a male during the lockdown.

The 33 year old husband resident of Bidhannagar town, a victim of domestic violence, has been facing harassment for the past 4 years. Now he want peace in his life.

In the video captured in his laptop where the wife is seen throwing water on husband’s face, slapping him mercilessly, abusing the husband’s parents. He reported inhuman acts that happened with him on 5th June this year at his nearest police station and submitted complaint on 10th June.

In his complaint, accusing his wife, he stated about inhuman incidents happened with him, sign by cigarette burn, beating, kicking, abusing. Then again he reported the incidents second time on 26th June, which got converted into FIR.

Times Now News published the husband’s statement that, his wife is educated and a training professional.

Times Now News further published husband’s statement that, “They have come back with coronavirus and will now spread it to us. That’s what my wife said about my parents, the reason why My wife was so agitated. I was kicked on my face, had sustained injuries. It started in the evening after she returned home and found my parents and had lasted till midnight. I had to go to hospital for treatment. She had been perennially abusive towards my parents and me. This had become unbearable and the reason why I lodged a complaint. I can’t throw away my parents to make my wife happy

When our society makes fun of male who faces domestic violence, this is a brave step of the husband. The #MenToo movement is growing in India, to encourage men to speak up. Pooja Bedi and Karan Oberoi are taking an active part in the movement.

Watch the video ;

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