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Vicious woman arrested for filing false gang rape case and extortion: Gurugram


Gurugram police arrested a 28-year-old young vicious woman for filing false gang rape case and extortion. The woman had allegedly accused 3 youths of raping her under the influence of alcohol.

28-year-old young women Preety, filed a false gang rape case accusing three men. During the police investigation, Preety was repeatedly changing her statement. The officers also recovered an audio in which the woman was demanding 30 lakhs from the accused to settle the case.

In this matter, Preety came in contact of Ishan from a spa and later they become friends. The vicious woman allegedly accused Ishan and his friends for committing gang rape with her.

On May 23, Ishaan met the girl along with the sarpanch and other friends and the four together drank alcohol. Ishaan and Sarpanch lost their sense and they slept, while Preety provoked the Ashu and made physical relationship with him. Then Preety as per her plan, she filed a case of gang rape against the three.

Then she approached them and demanded 30 lakh rupees to settle the matter. According to ACP Crime branch, Preety has also extorted a big amount from a person in Rewari similar way in 2010.

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