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Pooja Bedi drives #MenToo for Gender Equality


Mumbai, Pooja Bedi along with Actor and Singer Karan Oberoi including men’s rights activist, people from Bollywood and from various other sectors, organised a peaceful protest for the Gender Equality.

People at MenToo Protest
Women at MenToo Protest

Saturday, the peaceful protest at Azad Maidan was organised in support of #MenToo movement concerning the increasing false cases on men. It was to create awareness of the misuse of law by women where men are being falsely implicated.

In the protest few family participated who has been victim of the misuse of the law by women such as rape laws, family laws, domestic violence on men.

Pooja Bedi at MenToo
Pooja Bedi at MenToo Protest

As per afternoonvoice, Pooja Bedi posted on Facebook before the agitation:

“Time to stand up for men who have been punished by women MISUSING laws.”

News18 published that Bedi said “false rape accusations were destroying the lives of many innocent men and that it was time to take a stand against such cases”.

Karan Oberoi was in jail for almost a month in rape and blackmailing case. Oberoi got full support of family, friends, followers because they had trust on Oberoi and that is the reason the truth started coming gradually and finally he got the bail from court.

Karan Oberoi at MenToo
Karan Oberoi at MenToo Protest

Oberoi in an interview with ABP News at protest place Azad Maidan expressed that, he is standing with #MenToo to raise vioce of men’s facing false cases.

“there are many people in jail who has no money, no power, no support of media, and for them he joined the movement with a vine that he could become voice for them.”

Oberoi has opinion that “innocent should not be behind bar”. He also said that he believes in #Justice4All. In the interview, he also said “Kya hame aadmi ki aawaj nahi sunnni chahiye“.

People at MenToo Protest
People at MenToo Protest

In the interview with mid-day Oberoi said that “I believe that justice shouldn’t be determined on the basis of one’s gender”. He also said that:

“the ones who suffered the most were my mother and sister”.

Amit Deshpande at MenToo Protest
Amit Deshpande at MenToo Protest

Mens rights activist Amit Deshpande said that “it is injustice with society if false cases becomes a norm”. He also added that the “false cases affecting life of men, and many men commit suicide to give an end to harassment and humiliation”.

Mum MenToo Protest
Karan Oberoi, Pooja Bedi and Amit Deshpande at MenToo Protest

Pooja Bedi who believes that “It is always the right time to do the right thing”. She was forefront of the agigation in Ajad Maidan said TOI:

“Movements like this are initiated because there is a need for it. There is a serious problem that needs to be addressed. What this movement needs at this point is support, visibility, and among many agendas, the most important one is to put a stop to fake cases. This is possible by modifying laws and strictly punishing those who file fake cases.”

Pooja Bedi along with activist demanding for Shared Parenting and Joint Responsibility

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