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Pallavi Joshi : Due to #MeToo, women has become their own enemy and how a man will survive


#MeToo again in news, actress Pallavi Joshi said, most of the matters under #MeToo campaign are false except few and the false allegations put to gain the publicity.

Pallavi Joshi

She said that she was shocked when she heard the allegation of sexual harassment on Rajkumar Hirani.

She further said that she has different view on the movement, that harassment with women actually happening in rural India, where girls are not comfortable coming out or walk freely.

She asked if any man in front of you and if he eyed on your chest, is this should be categorised as molestation.

How a man will survive due to #MeToo

The movement is just a publicity stunt and if someone really needed the justice, should have approached Justice system rather media. While concluding her discussion She talked about the impact on the family, the children, when they heard their father, husband have alleged in molestation. Due to the movement women has become enemy of women, how their home will run, how a man will survive in such environment.

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