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Does the fear among Supreme Court Judges of getting framed by women, will lead to the formation of Commission for Men?


After the allegation of sexual harassment on CJI Gogoi, supreme court judges requested to hire only male staffers at houses in order to protect the future judges.

Recently, CJI Gogoi accused of sexual harassment by a former female assistant. The woman send the affidavit to 22 judges of Supreme Court alleging sexual harassment on CJI Ranjan Gogoi. After the allegation, On 20th Apr 2019, CJI Gogoi denied all allegations, and said it a “attack on judiciary”.

In a 20-minute meeting with the Supreme Court judges, CJI Gogoi received a request to replace female employees at the residential offices with men so that work efficiency could not be impacted and also that they could avoid being framed by women.

“The CJI said the request for male staff at residential offices was difficult to meet as 60% of the SC staff were women. Some judges expressed apprehension about employing female law clerks, who like their male counterparts work mostly in residential offices till late hours preparing summary of case files listed for hearing in the next few days before the judge concerned.” The Times of India reported.

The TOI reported

Immediately after the allegation, the news became viral on social media and many responses came. There were many posts related to men’s issues, which has been largely ignored either by the judiciary or the legislature.

There are many activist demanding “Commission for Men”, in order to ensure protection of men and also to get a platform for men to put their issues. The activists are looking for a political solution to the issue of men, and they are promoting to cast NOTA vote, as their demand not taken in the political manifesto.

Activist and Advocate Roopenshu tweeted about the pain of Men’s Right Activist, they face the challenge when they talk about the Men’s Right.

Activist Amit tweeted about the growing suicidal rate between men due to false cases.

Activist Kumar writes that, before the cases no one feel the pain of men, and they live in a “Matrix”. He blame feminism for the pain to men.

Tweeter user Partha raised concern of maintenance amount to a educated estranged wife and also about the long pending divorce case.

Another user Angusthi writes about the effective law to punish complainant in false cases;

Activist Vikram writes about fear, when false cases comes to them.

People giving their vote to NOTA with their family and friends. Swapnil tweet about NOTA vote.

Kumar tweeted about the reaction of Men’s Right Activist of NOTA vote, in the third phase of election.

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