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Army Personnel Be Treated as Privileged Citizens, Demand of Decriminalization of Dowry Laws for Jawans and Sr. Citizens

Our jawans fighting at the border to save our Mother India, they do not hesitate to sacrifice their head for “Maa Bharti”. Our martyrs will always be in our heart, their sacrifice for the nation is so great that we can never fill the loss.
Indian Army

Men’s Right Activist (MRA) has come up for Jawans and demanded “Decriminalisation of Dowry laws for Army personnel and Senior Citizens”. They said, army personnel must be given special status in society for the sacrifice they are doing for the Nation interest.

Activist also refereed that more than 85% cases of Dowry harassment found false, so in this situation where laws are widely misused, we should not compromise on national security and considering their sacrifice their ease should be ensured.

Indian Army

They said, our Jawans, our military brothers, even in critical circumstances, they ensure safety of Bharat Mata and citizens of nation. Their sacrifice is priceless, and they just not sacrificing their life but also the family and their children.

Their life is not less than a saint or priest, who sacrificing at every step, for our safety and their own devotion for mother Bharti. We cannot even imagine many situations, they live in.

The Activists said, Nation feel pain and Nation cry whenever our jawans are martyred. This is sad that we never talk about facility for them in society and system. Our jawans living in negative conditions at border are fighting with external enemies, but some of them are fighting for their own justice in matrimonial disputes and they are running from border to court.

Activists said that, you will not believe, that many of them getting into depression, and we help them healing from depression. Activists raise a concern, that where Nation needs full devotion of Jawans, but how it is possible in such situations. By making tough social life for our Jawans, how it is helping our Nation.

Indian Army

They further said, their selfless sacrifice, must be respected and given privilege in system. MRA also demanded mechanism for distribution of pension to parents and wife of martyrs.

We salute their passion, dedication and sacrifice for Nation.

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Mr S K Gupta February 26, 2019 at 8:31 pm

Absolutely Right !
I Am Here At Maui Island in USA And I Read A Notice Board Saying A Preference Will Be Given To All Military Personnal & Their Family First In Flight Ticketing Or Boarding As They All Are Serving The Nation And Are Previlaged Class Citizens.


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