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After the return of wing commander Abhinandan many fake account are surfacing on twitter.


Social media has been a great place to stay updated with the world. But these days misuse of social media is growing.

Many fake accounts are active. Fake news are circulated by these accounts. Same thing happened in case of wing commander Abhinandan Varthman. His fake account was created on 28 February and some suspecting tweets were posted.

Fake Twitter account of Abhinandan

This Twitter account was posting pro Pakistani tweets. All tweets are anti India and praising Pakistan and it’s PM Imran khan.

Some tweets from that account.

This account got more than 2000 followers very soon. Then twitteratti take note of this and reported this.

Sources confirmed that the account is fake and the same have been reported.

These days people Should not easily believe on what is visible on social media. Authentication should be done. This kinda fake account should be reported immediately so that no fake news is peddled on social media.

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