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After the breakup girlfriend ‘destroyed’ the boy’s life: Liverpool


A young woman played a very clever trick to implicate her ex-boyfriend. She made 30 fake Instagram accounts and sent threatening messages to herself from them. After sending the message, the girl accused the ex-boyfriend that he wanted to kill her.

This whole matter is of Liverpool, UK. where 20-year-old Courtney Ireland-Ainsworth fought with 22-year-old boyfriend Louis Jolly last year. But after the breakup, Courtney adopted a very clever method to implicate Jolly, which ruined Jolly’s life.

According to the ‘Daily Mail’ report, Courtney created 30 fake Instagram accounts one by one to send her ex-boyfriend Jolly to jail, and send them threatening messages. This trick of hers impacted Jolly’s mental health badly and diagnosed him with depression. He also lost his job, had to go to jail, that too for an act that he had not done. The court also took cognizance of this. The judge said- “I express my deepest sympathies to Jolly and her family, which they have suffered.”

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