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The journey of Kashif Sheikh from Azamgarh to ISRO


Your success is not only your success but also the success of society, Kasif from Azamgarh proved well. After topping the entrance exam for scientists conducted by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO has given recognition not only to his family but also to the district.

Kashif successfully made his way from Azamgarh to the world of space through the IT sector because of his outstanding education, hard work, and consistency.

Kashif has a dream to serve in India’s largest organization ISRO. He had never imagined that he would be able to top ISRO’s entrance exam. “It is difficult to describe in words the joy of getting selected and getting the first position in this institution”, he said.

Kashif Sheikh, who has been fond of Geography since childhood, explains that the destination can be achieved with hard work and true dedication.

Road to Success

Kashif Sheikh said that from school time I had a little inclination towards Geography but till 12th I studied with Maths. After that, I pursued B.Tech from Jamia Islamia University, from the Mechanical Engineering branch which is related to ISRO. I never thought that I would get this chance.

Sharing the tips of success, Kashif said “that ISRO is such a big space agency in India, I will be very happy if I get to work there. If one direction is fixed, one goal is fixed then you can excel in that. It takes time to achieve anything, you should have so much patience. I would like to give credit to my parents who have worked very hard and done a lot of sacrificing. From childhood to school time to college, I would like to give him full credit.”

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