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A married woman remarried with lover in a moving train, left home on the pretext of Vat Savitri Puja: Bhagalpur


This is the story of a young man who married a girl in the hope that he would live his life with her forever, but it suddenly broke down, just because the wife’s family hid the wife’s love affair with the young man.

News is from Sultanaganj area of Bhagalpur, Bihar, The women Anu Kumari left her home on the pretext of Vat Savitri Puja but later marries with her boyfriend in the toilet of a running train. The women Anu Kumari got re-married to her lover Ayush Kumar, as reported by media.

A woman who was married just 2 months back, ran away from her husband’s house and married with her lover in the toilet of a running train.

According to the media sources, Anshu Kumar told that, he and Anu belong to the same village and both love each other for many years. The duo were planning to get married, but when Anu’s family came to know about their love, Anu was restricted from leaving the house. He also said that, Anu was forced by her parents, to perform the marriage with a youth of Kiranpur village, in the month of April.

After marriage, the woman was not ready to accept the young as her husband, and she was looking for the opportunities to escape. On Wednesday, the woman got a chance in the name of Vat Savitri Puja and she escaped.

They had planned to move to Banglore by train. And at the mean time when they were traveling to Banglore from Sultanaganj, Anu started pressurizing Anshu to marry her in the moving train. As they were already in love, Anu and Ayush got married in the train.

People on train also captured this moment in their phones and now the video is viral on the social media.

Here, there is lesson to all those parents who has girl child. They must not marry her daughter to any, with whom the girl is not comfortable. Because, marriage is not just a process of trying knot of two, instead it’s a responsibility that both has to abide by for the lifetime.

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