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Uttarakhand Woman accused in extortion, accuses MLA of rape and forced to file false case against husband


Uttarakhand women has filed a case of rape against MLA Almora’s Dwarahat constituency, Mahesh Singh Negi. Previously, the MLA’s wife accused the woman of blackmailing and extorting Rs 5 crore from her husband.

The Uttarakhand woman, who is accused of blackmailing and attempting to extort Rs 5 crore from MLA Negi, has now filed a complaint against MLA Negi of raping her at different hotels in Nepal, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. She is also claiming that a child has been born out of their relationship.

The woman lodged the complaint in Dehradun, also marked it to SHO of Nehru Colony, where Negi’s wife has lodged the case of extortion against her on Aug 14, said a report by Hindustan Times. (HT has a copy of the five-page complaint lodged by the woman.)

She has stated in her complaint that, she first came in contact with the MLA in 2006 and lived in the neighbourhood. She also said that, the MLA has provided her steam machine which was at the MLA residence, for the woman’s mother whom the doctor advised to steam.

She alleged that, the MLA Negi raped her in a Mussoorie hotel just a few days before she got married, and he was pursuing her to return to her parents house, after the marriage.

She also alleged that, she returned to her parent’s house in a few week, and then forced to file a false case of dowry harassment against her husband and in-laws.

She claimed that, she narrated entire story to her husband, when he asked the reason, and then he ended all relations with her.

She further alleged that, she was raped multiple time by MLA at hotels in Delhi, Nepal, Himachal Pradesh, Nainital, Almora and even to his friend’s farmhouse in Haldwani.

She stated in complaint that, Negi accompanied her for medical examinations during pregnancy, and had committed to give his name to the child. She delivered a girl child on May 18 this year.

She has accepted in her complaint that, she got a DNA test conducted of the newborn, after which she informed Negi that the child is not from her husband, but he refused to accept the child.

She has also accused Negi’s wife for offering her Rs 25 lakh to “forget the incident”, but she refused to accept it as she wanted to secure her daughter’s rights and demanded a DNA test for MLA Negi.

She also claimed that, she was framed by Negi in a false extortion case.

Negi claimed that the women’s complaint is false, will reveal in investigation.

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