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Specially-Abled Child mercilessly Beaten by Assam Police, New High of Police Brutality, DGP admits mistake


While news of police brutality are coming in from various regions of Nation, this time the Assam Police has mercilessly beaten a Specially-Abled child. The DGP admitted the mistake and ensured action against the erring policeman.

The incident took place on July 23, after 6 PM when father-son duo went out to buy medicines on a bike. The child father (Palash Chaliha) posted a video on Facebook and tell the complete story. In the video, mark of injuries can be seen on the child body.

When the father asked the policeman “Why did you hit us, what have we done?”, on this, the policeman replied that, “We will put both of you behind bars.”

The father asked in the video “Why Bharalumukh police beat my special child without any reason?

A social media uder posted the video made by the child father over Twitter.

Bhaskar Mahant’s irresponsible statement also came after the Palash video went viral.

“Post curfew hours, there are these kids who come on their motorcycles in that area and the Police were tracking them. At the same time, the kid was there in the mix up that led to the overall situation”, said Bhaskar Mahanta, Insdie published.

Friday, Assam DGP Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta said while addressing a press conference, “Assam Police must be service-minded and they should not behave like a boss.

Mr. GP Singh informed over tweet that, CP Guwahati has ordered for an inquiry in the matter. In a series of tweets, he also apologised for the incident.

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