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More men committing suicide due to family problems, love affairs than unemployment: NCRB 2019


The suicide rate in a troubled relationship accounted 32.45 percent of the total suicides reported in the country in Year 2019. Out of 1,39,123 suicide deaths, 45,140 deaths were due to ‘Family Problems’.

According to the latest National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) data, it reveals that the majority of deaths caused due to ‘Family Problems’, resulted in the death of 30,110 male, 15,025 female and 5 transgenders.

In ‘Marriage Related Issues’, reported deaths are approximately 3,382 male and 4,213 females. In love affairs, 5,342 male and 3,674 female deaths were reported.

As per the data, which reveals that male deaths are on the higher side in family disputes which indicates that men are more sensitive towards their relationship than “unemployment”. Approximately 2851 deaths were reported due to ‘Unemployment’, out of which 2509 reported deaths were male.

NCRB collects the data of the unnatural deaths which are reported to police and the data are dependent on what the community reports.

NCRB data reveal that out of the reported deaths, almost 70.16 percent were male while 29.8 percent females. Nearly 21.6 percent male and 10.8 female committed suicide due to ‘family problem’.

The other major reason of deaths has observed as ‘illness’, due to which 16,807 male and 7,016 female committed suicide. The data revealed that it was majorly due to “Insanity/ Mental Illness and Other Prolonged Illness”.

The data also revealed that approximately 66.7 percent were married, out of those, 48 percent were male and 18.6 percent were female. From the total number of 97,613 male deaths, 68.4 percent were married whereas 62.5 percent female were married which accounts to a total of 41,493 female deaths.

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