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Man and Child the major victim, Women in a 15 year old live-in relationship chops male partner into pieces

Delhi: Amrit Vihar Colony at Swaroop Nagar, a woman chops of live-in partner. She first fed sleeping pills to her partner, then after she chopped the body into pieces as soon as he went unconscious.

15 year back, the couple got into love, when they met Rajesh was 15 years old and women Sunita was 13 years old. Sunita left her parental home at Durg, Chattishgarh with Rajesh for a better life.

After the mid of Feb, neighbor felt a sudden change in the lifestyle of Sunita. She purchased old refrigerator, stitched many new salwar, kurta, attended marriages.

The couple were living in the rented residence at Swaroop Nagar from last 6 years. The couple have an eight year old son. Neighbors told to media that, their family life were not good, they used to fight.

The investigation officer said to Hindustan Times team that, few month back, Sunita planned the murder after the frequency of abuse raised.
11th February, she finally executed her plan and fed dozens of sleeping pills to Rajesh. Then after Sunita sent her son outside to play, and then she chopped Rajesh body using the kitchen knife. She chopped the body to fit into the polybags.

During all these event Sunita kept away her son for almost 2 hours. She then finally buried the body in the backyard of the residence. She gave excuse to neighbors that, Rajesh has went out for a job on ship.

The matter revealed when the house owner saw the fresh mud in the backyard on 20th March. Then they called Police, and then the part of body recovered from the back yard. She guided police to the place for the missing head of Rajesh.

She blamed Rajesh mother of changing behavior, after she visited few months back. She also said that Rajesh had a doubt of her relationship with other man.

Now the mother is sent to Tihar jail, Father is no more, and in all such incident, the child has been made the ultimate sufferer. The child now has been sent to Children Home.

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