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Girlfriend said – first kill my husband, then I will marry: Karnal


A resident of Daha-Bachhida of Karnal, who has been lived in Bharat Nagar had been murdered by his wife and lover. Ashok’s wife Sonu had illicit relations with another youth.

According to the video, Deepak first thrashed Ashok with a belt and then strangled him with the belt. After this, took out petrol from the bike and put it on Ashok and burnt it and then pushed it into the canal. After the incident, Deepak had sent the video of the murder to Sonu and Usha.

The illicit relationship is one of the reason behind the murder another one appears to be Ashoka’s property. Ashok had a plot in which Sonu and her sister Usha had their eyes. This is the reason that both the sisters conspired to get Ashok out of the way first with the help of Deepak.

Ashok’s wife Sonu and Raju’s wife Usha are both real sisters. Five years ago, a friendship between Raju and Deepak blossomed when Raju was working in the same factory as Deepak. As the two became friends, Deepak started visiting Sonu’s house.

In the complaint given to the Old Industrial Police, Sonu, wife of Ashok, a resident of Bharat Nagar, had told that Deepak, a resident of Karsindhu village of Safidon, used to visit his house. In the year 2021, in June, her husband Ashok and Deepak had an altercation. Under the enmity, on the night of 19 December, Deepak took her husband from home, which was not found till now.

On January 13, 2022, Deepak came to the house and told him to complete Ashok’s work. Deepak said that whoever stops him from coming, he will do the same to him. Deepak showed him a video of him killing him. While investigating the above matter, the police took the accused Deepak into custody, then the whole matter came to light and the wife of the deceased Ashok and her sister Usha, who gave the complaint, were also found guilty in the above case.

After meeting the sister and killing the brother-in-law at the hands of the lover, the married woman had made a video of the whole incident, after which she also asked the lover to kill her husband.

At the same time, only after removing the husband from the way, put the condition of marriage, when the lover was not ready for it, the married woman threatened to implicate him in the murder of brother-in-law. Even after this, when the lover did not agree to kill, then the sister got the complaint to the police. After receiving the complaint, the Old Industrial Station police took the accused lover into custody and interrogated him, then the layers of dreadful conspiracy and murder went on unraveling.

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