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Wife strangled her husband, kept his body in the car and the wife roamed around the city with the lover


The heart-wrenching incident of the husband’s murder has become the talk of the town as a  woman named Sangeeta, living in society Katara Hills, Bhopal, killed her husband Dhanraj Meena conspiring with her lover Ashish Pandey.

This incident dates back to the December 07, 2021 night when both of them together killed Dhanraj by strangling him with a rope. Later hit him on the head with a hammer to control, due to which he died on the spot.

After committing a heinous crime, the next morning of December 08, 2021 morning, their wife Sangeeta left the location of the crime in a car with her lover Ashish while Dhanraj’s body was in the trunk of the car. After roaming around the city for five odd hours, when both could not find the spot to dump the dead body, they surrendered to Katara Hills police station. The police were also surprised to see the body in the trunk of the car. After going inside the police station, the wife said that the husband had been killed and his body was in the trunk of the car.

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