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Wife killed her husband with lover and fled to Bihar


Rambalak, a resident of Bhawanipur Bihar, was murdered on 24 October by his wife Gulabi Devi and her lover Vijay Yadav together they buried his body in the bushes near village Barota in sonipat, haryana. After that, his wife Gulabi Devi and her lover Vijay Yadav fled to Bihar. In Bihar, on the complaint of Rambalak’s relatives, the police registered a case and when his wife was questioned.

When the police investigated the matter thoroughly, Gulabi Devi revealed all the secrets in front of the police. During interrogation, she confessed to the killing of her husband.

Rambalak, a resident of Bihar, married Gulabi Devi about 8 years ago. He had come to Sonipat with Vijay Yadav to do wages. Vijay Yadav and Rambalak’s wife Gulabi Devi had a love affair, after which both of them conspired to kill Rambalak.

On Sunday, Bihar Police reached Sonipat and recovered Rambalak’s body with the help of Sonipat GRP Police. Some bones have been found in the skeleton and have been sent for postmortem.

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