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Lucknow: Woman left husband and children to live with fifteen days old Facebook friend


In today’s era, social media has become an important part of life for some woman, and there is a news that a woman has left her family, children to live with her boyfriend whom she be friended on FB. Social media has had the biggest impact on relationships and caused several domestic issues.

An incident of evolving Facebook friendship has come to the light from Lucknow where a married woman living in the PGI area of Lucknow, left her husband and two children, went to Aligarh to live with a man whom she be friended on Facebook.

A woman suddenly went missing from the PGI area of Lucknow on 20 Oct 2021. Even after searching everywhere, she was untraceable and the husband lodged a missing person complaint in the PGI police station.

When the police started the investigation they found that the married woman had established friendship with a man from Aligarh on Facebook for 15 days. The two also started talking on mobile phones, after which she ran away and started living with the Facebook friend in Aligarh.

When PGI police brought the married woman to the police station, she refused to go with her husband and insisted on staying with her Facebook friend. She further said, “I will stay with my Facebook friend, not with husband and child”.

The woman was so adamant to live her life with her 15-day-old boyfriend that her heart didn’t melted for her two-kids who were crying seeing her.

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