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Tanushree in her statement gave curse to Ganesh Aacharya and said, “remember my words, your son will get physical torture and daughters will go through mental and emotional pain”

#MeToo compaign in film industry started after the allegation of sexual harassment put on Nana Patekar by Tanushree Dutta, and in the allegation she also added Ganesh AAcharya, Sami Siddiki, Rakesh Sarang who were presented there on set.

Tanushree in her recent statement said, that she only recommended the Ganesh Aacharya but he did not supported her. She added that she was molested when she was just 24 years old and not only Nana but all the 4 guys molested who were present there on the set.

She further added that the allegations made by Rakhi Sawant on her is nothing but Rakhi was brainwashed by Ganesh Aacharya. She said that those who insulted me, no one can save them from my curse, even God can not save from my curse.

Nana Patekar

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