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June 25, 2021
Yuvika Chaudhary booked for her defamatory remarks for a particular section of the society
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Actress Yuvika Chaudhary booked for making defamatory remarks against caste in her video : Haryana Police

This is how easy for a woman to say sorry after making casteist slur. The Haryana police has booked Actress Yuvika Chaudhary on a complaint by a Dalit rights activist for making defamatory remarks against caste in her video.

The police has registered the case under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, after scheduled caste rights forum activist Rajat Kalsan reported it to the Hansi Police Superintendent, Nikita Gehlot.

The Yuvika Chaudhary video sparkled controversy among the people on social media. The activist Rajat Kaslan has alleged that the actress has made objectionable remarks about the Scheduled Caste community in her video and also provided the CD of the viral video. After the formal investigation the FIR was lodged by the city police station on Friday.

The FIR was lodged under the non-bailable sections and the actress was yet to be arrested.

Activist Kalsan further added that, “soon the police will issue a notice against Yuvika to join the investigation”. Vinod Shankar, DSP, Hansi ensured that the investigation will now be accelerated and the quick action will be taken as soon as possible.

In the viral video, Yuvika seen filming her husband, who got his grooming session done. She used the defamatory remarks in this clipping. she used the word “bhangi” in her vlog.

Yuvika apologized through her twitter handle after the controversial video reached its peak and netizens started a hash tag #ArrestYuvikaChoudhary to arrest her. She wrote ,”Hello guys, I didn’t know what that word meant, which I used in the video. I did not want to hurt anyone. I apologize to everyone. Hope you all understand. Kisses to all”.

Anyway we do not know whether she will get arrested or will be escaped using her woman power, but we must appreciate the work done by activist Rajat Kalsan and it is learning for our society that activism makes our society a better place to live.

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