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Sarvjeet Singh Bedi Proven Not Guilty, once named ‘Delhi Ka Darinda’

Sarvjeet Vs Jasleen Case
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‘Delhi Ka Banda’ Sarvjeet Singh Bedi named ‘Delhi Ka Darinda’ after a viral post of Jasleen Kaur, accusing him of harassing and threatening in year 2015.

Sarvjeet express his feelings in a Facebook post and thanked his mother who always stand with him. He also thanked friends, well-wishers and Shikha Khanduja Kaul.

Shikha Khanduja Kaul who has written a book over the experiences Sarvjeet faced during the period, says in her Facebook post:

“A viral FB post by a girl falsely accusing him of harassing her ruined his life overnight. A three-day media trial tagged him a criminal and Dilli ka Darinda. How then things shifted in his favour when a witness came forward, and much more…”

Former AAP member, Jasleen Kaur posted allegations of harassment and threat over the Social media with Sarvjeet photo and also said him “Shameless Man”.

Prateek Chaba express concern from the acquittal that the girl not punished for ruining life of Sarvjeet. He posted :

Anshul Saxena says in tweet that, she was called braveheart, but she was absent in hearing from last 3 years. He also stated concerning public shame and suffering of Sarvjeet.

After Bedi’s acquittal, some people at social media, asked Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal to apologize, who once appreciated Jasleen, while some said it media trial and misuse of social media.

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