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Relationship important not money : Bengaluru Husband

IMA scam breaking family
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IMA Jeweller scam, a case reported where wife left husband who had invested Rs 25 Lakh in IMA Jeweller.

Chikkamagaluru based hotel owner Mohammad Aamir, reportedly approached women helpline for reunion.

TOI reported that, husband Aamir said to counselor that “money is not everything in life but relationship is very important“.

Aamir sold a piece of land to buy another property, but during that, a known to him suggested to invest in IMA Jeweller.

After the IMA scam, he broke down and said everything to his wife Amreen. Then Amreen left Aamir blaming him financial issues in family.

The counselor informed to media, that many such cases reported to the women helpline due to the IMA scam.

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