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Chennai Court awarded 15L compensation to a man falsely accused of rape case, DNA test revealed

Chennai: In a rarest case, a Chennai court has awarded a compensation of Rupees 15 lakh to a young man, who was falsely made accused in a rape case and has to suffer for more than seven years.

The young, an engineer aspirant, Santhosh was accused in a rape case in year 2009 by a neighbour’s woman. He was arrested after the complaint and spent more than 3 months in judicial custody. In 2016, he was acquitted of the charge. from other media sources

The woman’s mother approached the young man’s father, claiming that the girl had been pregnant by his son, and demanded to arrange a marriage between the girl and the boy.

He was acquitted from the charges after a DNA test, which revealed that he was not the father of the child the woman delivered. Then after his acquittal in the case, he filed a suit for compensation claiming that his career and life had been ruined. Santhosh sought for rupees 30 lakh from the woman, her parents and the investigation officer.

“Santhosh’s lawyer A Sirajudeen said his client’s family and the woman’s family were neighbours. They belonged to the same community, it was agreed between the families that Santhosh would marry the woman”, TOI published.

“Later, however, the families parted ways following a property dispute. Santhosh and his family shifted to another neighbourhood in Chennai”, TOI published.

Source : Times Of India

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