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Daughter murdered mother for money and property: Delhi


In Delhi, a girl has completely tarnished the mother-daughter relationship. A woman named Devyani, who lived in Ambedkar Nagar, had killed her 55-year-old mother for money and property.

According to the Delhi Police, the daughter was living in the live-in. The woman who was murdered had also contested the election of a ward councilor on a BJP ticket.

After woman’s murder, the police started the investigation of the case but couldn’t get any clue. After which the police interrogated Devyani, the daughter of the deceased woman. During interrogation, the police started suspecting Devyani’s questions. Why is she not able to answer all the questions properly? After which the police strictly interrogated. After which he feared and confessed his crime. According to the police, the accused girl said that she had killed her mother by slitting her throat along with a person named Kartik Chauhan, a friend of her lover Shibu.

The accused daughter Devyani told during interrogation that she was married to a man named Chetan, a resident of Greater Noida and both had a 4-year-old son. After a few years of marriage, Devyani left her husband and started living in a live-in relationship with a man named Shibu. According to Devyani, her mother was not happy with her relationship and wanted Devyani to break this relationship and start living with her husband.

Devyani said that her mother had threatened that if she did not go to live with her husband, she would evict him from the property and all the things, not only that, Devyani told in interrogation that her mother stopped giving her money. She got angry and killed her mother. Before the murder, she gave sleeping pills to her mother. When she fainted, Devyani along with Shibu’s friend Karthik killed her by slitting her throat. After the murder, he gave away the jewelery and money kept in the house to Karthik and drove him away. So that people feel that the murder has taken place with the intention of looting and people should not even suspect about it.

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