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Men protested at Jantar Mantar for equal rights and gave ultimatum to Vote NOTA

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Sunday, 17th March 2019, Men’s Rights Activists across nation have gathered at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi demanding equal rights for Men and Commission for Men. They given ultimatum to Vote NOTA in upcoming elections if their concern not taken by political parties.

Protesters said that, Men’s Issues has been widely ignored in the manifesto of Political Parties. Men have been systematically discriminated.

Protest at Jantar Mantar for Men's Equal Rights in system
Protest at Jantar Mantar for Men’s Equal Rights in system

The protest was organized by Save Indian Family Foundation (SIFF). The organization, helping men in distress and working for the equal rights for Men.

Pandurang S Katti, co-founder of SIFF said that, “time has come to put an end to idea of punishing men through the myriad marital and relationship laws when a relationship ends”.

Roopenshu Pratap Singh, North India President said, that the investigation agencies, most of the time, they are not acting professionally. Agencies do not even try to do fair investigation of the complaint and agencies rush to arrest those who all have made accused. Army personal too victimized and running to court from border.

Vickram Bisyar, Media Head SIFF said that, our Jawans who are already living in unfriendly situations at border, their life made tougher in civil society from the laws which is widely misused. Indian men are suffering more, due to no protection of law for Men from the Misuse of law made for protection of Women.

Kumar S Ratan Said that, the good men have not left and they are father too. Every child must be given access of both parents even in dispute. The world has adopted “Shared Parenting and Joint Responsibility (SPJR) but India has failed following UNCRC.

R K Sharma, Senior Citizen wing said that, Women empowerment should not be at cost of Men, Family and the Children. It looks that in the name of women Empowerment, women’s mind poisoning, and in a small family dispute they approaching court and this is resulting into broken families.

Protest at Jantar Mantar for Commission for Men
Protest at Jantar Mantar for Commission for Men

Protesters said that, criminalizing the family dispute, raising question on marriage institution. System has failed protecting men and the family, which resulting into growing male Suicide and Anger.

They added that, criminalizing family dispute, resulting to more broken families, losing trust and faith among people and system.

In the protest, parents of Late Swaroop Raj, also seen. Swaroop was working at Genpact, Noida, who killed himself due to allegations of sexual harassment at work place. His father joined the movement seeking justice for Swaroop.

Father of Swaroop Raj, Peekay Rajan
Father of Swaroop Raj
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