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A case has been unveiled in Udupi where an NRI Bhaskar Shetty, was intentionally killed and burnt by his wife, son and a priest. A court in Kerala has announced death sentenced to the three.

Murder of Bhaskar Shetty, entrepreneur and a hotelier

Bhaskar Shetty, 52, was a hotelier and an NRI who lived in Indrali of Udupi district, Karnataka. The killed him on July 28, 2016 at his residence in Indrali. The final verdict was pronounced by Sessions Judge, J N Subrahmanya who has delivered death sentence to three persons including the deceased wife, son and a priest.

As per the media report, shetty’s murder was a cruel one. After killing him his body was cut into pieces and burnt at home to clear the evidence. But no one spares from the hands of law. On August 10, 2016 Shetty’s bones were found from a river in Nandalike.

Shetty’s mother doubted the situation and moved to police

Mother Gulabi devi who tried to connect the deceased Bhaskar Shetti over phone several times but the call remained unanswered all the times. Seeing to the situation her mother rushed to the Manipal police station and lodged a complaint of her son missing.

“The prime accused, Rajeshwari Shetty is currently out on bail while his son Navneet Shetty and the priest Niranjan Bhat are behind the bars in Bengaluru Prison”, The Times of India reported.

It has also come to light that an another accused Raghwendra Bhatt, driver, was also among the murderer who helped them destroy the evidences, but he died, during the course of hearing.

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