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Tanushree’s #MeToo a Flop show against Nana Patekar

Tanushree #MeToo
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In a major relief to actor Nana Patekar, Mumbai police has closed Tanushree’s case against Nana.

Mumbai police could not find evidence to prosecute Nana in molestation case lodged against him, which the Police have reported to the local court.

Dutta made a complaint last year in October that sparked a nationwide #MeToo movement on social media. She expressed disappointment and called the police and legal system “Corrupted”.

However the final order is yet to be passed, before that both parties arguments will be heard. Dutta in a statement said that, she will move to high court against it.

Oshiwara Police filed a B summary report on Wednesday before a metropolitan magistrate in Andheri.

This comes as a big jolt to the #MeToo movement. Most of the #MeToo allegations are found false and made only to satisfy personal ego.

As a result of misusing the #MeToo movement, now men are coming together with #MenToo to raise thier voice against the #MeToo movement and misuse of laws that were made to protect women.

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