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Divorced lady teacher eloped with student, tarnished the sacred relationship of teacher-student: Haryana

The shameful incident has happened at Panipat, Haryana where a divorced lady teacher has run away with his student. The news has tarnished the sacred relationship of teacher-student.

It is alleged that a lady teacher who was working in a private school has escaped with a 17-year-old boy who was taking tuition for the last two years. The women was living with her parents at Panipat and was divorced. The women was also class teacher of the boy. The lady teacher was giving tuition to boy for 4 hours in a day during the lockdown due to COVID-19.

“every adult who is around a child plays a significant role in how children live their lives, their development and behaviour”, note quotes by team Mens Planet News.

it is important to understand that, a teacher plays a major role in a child’s life, as they want to learn from them, and they can easily be influenced by them, but such a shameful act of a female teacher is a violation of child rights.

Boy’s father filled complaint

The juvenile’s father reported the incident and told to police that the lady teacher had been giving tuition to his son for past two years. His son is studying in class 11. On May 29, at around 2 pm, the boy went to her for tuition, but when the juvenile did not returned till evening, they reported it to the police.

Initially the teacher’s family did not say anything for several hours, then the father informed the police after waiting for his son till evening.

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