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The special POCSO court acquitted the father who was accused of sexually assaulting his own daughter. The court observed that the prosecutrix (daughter) had made allegations of sexual assault at the behest of her cousin and also that she was not even ready to accompany her mother.

The 35-year-old accused (father) told the court that he has been falsely accused in the case. He also stated that, he has been falsely accused of sexually abusing his 11-year-old daughter by the cousin because he once commented about her character.

The accused was arrested in October while the case was registered in August, 2020.

“The prosecution has failed to produce on record cogent and reliable evidence,” the court said.

“The court observed that a child subjected to sexual violence would not insist on living with her father rather than her mother.”, India Today published.

“The prosecutrix (daughter) was not ready to go with her mother to Panvel when her mother asked her to. Not only the prosecutrix, but her two sisters are also staying with their father,” the court said.

“It is brought on record that the accused being her father would take care of her, even focusing on her studies and cooking for her…so it is not digestible and is difficult to believe that the father did any wrong thing with the prosecutrix,” the court said.

“The court also observed that since the child was living with her cousin while the accused was behind bars, the daughter could not have been pressured by her parents to depose in favour of her father.”, India Today published.

Source India Today

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