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Police arrested three including deceased wife Bhavna and her Facebook friend Kapil in the murder of Virender Kumar, BSNL JTO in Panchsheel Colony of Shahganj area of ​​Agra. Bhavna and Kapil were Facebook friends and she wanted to marry him.

Saturday night Virender murder was reported. Wife Bhavna informed to Virender’s brother over phone that, on someone call he left home at 1pm in night with seven thousand rupees and did not came back.

SSP Bablu Kumar disclosed the murder mystery on Tuesday. He told that, Virender body was found on Sau Foota Road near to deceased residence. His ribs were broken and there were also marks on his face. Police suspected the acquaintance’s involvement in the murder.

The call detail revealed that the location was in the colony at the time of the murder, then the location was up to Delhi. Checking the another number, it revealed that Kapil was talking regularly with Bhavna.

Two years ago, Kapil aged 31 years and Bhavna aged 39 years met at a wedding function, then they became friends on Facebook and later the two fell in love.

Kapil and Bhavna plan to murder Virender for their marriage and Kapil involved his friend Manish. To carry out the plan, he arrived at Virender’s residence on the 4 January at 11:30 pm. Wife Bhavna left the gate open to ensure their entry. They killed Virender when he was sleeping.

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