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Woman kills animal, representational Image
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Odisha: Woman allegedly poisoned six street dogs to death after street dogs damaged her car seat

A woman allegedly killed six street dogs by poisoning them. The street dogs are said to have torn off her car seat, and then she took the lives of six innocent dogs.

The woman is a resident of Burla area of Sambalpur district. On May 28, the security officer KD Prasad found the dogs dead. He then informed the police and also informed animal rights activist who is a member of People for Animals (PFA) founded by BJP MP Maneka Gandhi.

The Chief Security Officer of the society filed the complaint against the woman at the Burla Police Station. The photographs of carcasses of dogs were also submitted by the officer. According to the complaint, the accused woman was agitated with the street dogs because of her car seat was torn by street dogs. She had also reported the damage which was done to her car by those dogs to the Chief Security Officer.

In the matter, BJP MP Maneka Gandhi and founder of People For Animals, showed concern about the incident and spoken to Kamal Lochan Panda, Police Station Inspector-In-Charge at Burala. She asked to take legal action against the accused woman.

“MP Maneka Gandhi had called for stringent action. However, we had registered a case before Maneka madam had called. We have started an investigation into the matter.”, SP Battula Gangadhar, Sambalpur told to India Today.

SP Batula also said that he has sent the viscera for forensic examination to ascertain if the dogs were poisoned. ‘People for Animal’ has also filed a complaint against the woman.

The police is also examining the CCTV footage of the society to ascertain the role of the woman.

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