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Wife killed husband, representational Image Source Indiatimes
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Bhopal woman kills husband for lover later killed lover due to quarrel

Bhopal, a woman has been reported to have committed double murder. Both the victims were real brothers, and one victim was her husband.

Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Bhopal a woman has confessed that she indeed killed her husband five years back, while held custody over her lover’s death.

The woman confessed when being grilled about the death of her lover, a brother to her husband. This double murder was revealed after law enforcers followed up on a murder case in Bhopal’s Kolar surroundings.

Police discovered a body being fed on by pigs. At this time, Mohan, a Damakheda slum resident, was identified as the victim. He lived with her sister-in-law and the son.

The police informed that the woman confessed the murder of her husband with the brother-in-law. She added that the reason behind the murder was because she wanted to live with the brother-in-law. After the murder, they disposed of the body in the same house they lived in.

They were living with the brother-in-law and her son in the house. Later on, they engaged in constant fights with the brother-in-law, leading to her murdering the brother in law, with the assistance of her son. The body was then disposed of by the son in the Kaliyasot river.

“However, due to recent fights between the two of them, the woman murdered Mohan with the help of her son. Her son then disposed of the body in the Kaliyasot River”, India Today

published.It is after this confession that police dug into the house to locate her husband’s remains. Police has send the body for post-mortem.

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