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Chandigarh wife sets her Husband on fire, died

Set Her Husband Alive On Fire, Image Source AajTak

Friday, wife set her husband on fire, later he died during treatment. Harassment with husbands during lockdown has grown to new horizon. It's constantly raised by mens right activist about harassment with husband has grown in lockdown. Now a woman from Fazilka, Punjab set her husband alive on fire. The husband

Advocate committed suicide, alleges wife for his death : Kannauj

Advocate Vipin Nigam committed suicide

Friday, Fed up with domestic discord, Advocate Vipin Nigam committed suicide. The lawyer has made serious allegations against his wife and mother-in-law in his suicide note. Advicate Vipin Nigam was 30 year old and resident of Sikanderpur town in Kannauj district. He got married with Priyanka in year 2014. Two days

Does NCW purposely deleted Poll, as this was raising Male Issues?

NCW removed its poll

NCW took out its opinion polls from Twitter. Users on Twitter speculated that NCW purposely deleted the poll because it was raising male issues while the NCW only serves to help women. On 22 May, The National Commission for Women (NCW) launched an opinion poll on Twitter over "violence with men

ASCI : Asian Paints to remove advertisement on a Complaint of Mens Activist

Asian Paints to remove advertisement

Mens Rights activist Amit Deshpande filed a complaint against the advertisement of Asian Paints Damp Proof where wife slaps husband. ASCI has advised Asian Paints to remove the advertisement. Mr Deshpande, observed this objectionable when the wife slapped her husband in the advertisement. He also mentioned in his complaint that, "it

Mens Rights NGO questions women commission for claims of increased domestic violence with women during lockdown

Male Domestic Abuse During Lockdown

The National Commission for Women (NCW) has been continuously expressing concern over increasing domestic violence with women during lockdown, concerning this NCW has also launched a WhatsApp number. Mens rights NGO has published statistics which reveals, it is mostly male who are victim of domestic violence during lockdown. It is believed

NGO in India taking part in Parental Alienation Awareness Day on 25th Apr 2020

NGO in India taking part in Parental Alienation Awareness Day

Parental Alienation (PA) sometimes refer as hostile or aggressive parenting. This year many NGO in India will also take part in Parental Alienation Awareness Day to spread awareness about impact of hostile parenting. In general PA occurs during separation, post divorce or in child custody battle. This situation occurs when one