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प्यार धोखा और झूठे रेप केस में लील गई एक और जान : दिल्ली

Harpreet Singh alias Harry

लोग कहते हैं कि प्यार हैवान को भी इन्सान बना देता है, पर दिल्ली के हरप्रीत सिंह उर्फ हैरी के साथ कुछ ऐसा हुआ कि हैरी ने फाँसी लगाकर अपनी जान दे दी. 12 Nov 2019, निहाल विहार, दिल्ली के रहने वाले तीस वर्षीय हरप्रीत सिंह उर्फ हैरी के फाँसी लगा

Husband set himself on fire at Ranibagh Women Cell

Delhi, On First day of November, 2019, a husband namely Mohammad Akil set himself on fire at Rani Bagh Women Cell. He took such a big step to end the harassment by his wife and police officials at women cell. MD Akil, after setting himself on fire, police took him

Sarvjeet Singh Bedi Proven Not Guilty, once named ‘Delhi Ka Darinda’

Sarvjeet Vs Jasleen Case

'Delhi Ka Banda' Sarvjeet Singh Bedi named 'Delhi Ka Darinda' after a viral post of Jasleen Kaur, accusing him of harassing and threatening in year 2015. Sarvjeet express his feelings in a Facebook post and thanked his mother who always stand with him. He also thanked friends, well-wishers and Shikha Khanduja